How to Set Up a Bed Mosquito Net in Five Easy Steps

Setting up your bed mosquito net correctly is important not only to help you get some peaceful sleep at night, but also to keep your home safe from the threat of mosquito borne diseases like malaria and dengue fever. While you may be tempted to just throw it up and call it a day, there’s much more to setting up your bed mosquito net than that. Fortunately, following the steps below will ensure that you do it right!

Hang the mosquito net over the bed

Being a part of the standard stock of mosquito nets sold by most retail stores, it is just not hard to find a mosquito net at all. First, tie a length of rope to the bracket and squat down on one side with the rope dangling freely. By reaching over the bed and lifting up on both sides until the hoop reaches up over and around you.

Again, pull up both lengths until they are spaced sufficiently apart from one another. Finally, insert them into slots cut into your particular bracket, Finally, finish by running ropes through loops in each corner grommets so that pulling on any one will tighten all four cords and cinch together your netting tighter for maximum protection from mosquitoes.

Attach the mosquito net to the bed frame

Mosquito nets are usually sold with a hook or a padlock for that purpose. Some come with hooks already attached; this is mainly for the convenience of the customer since it does not require any additional supplies from them. But attaching a hook to your own frame is also a cost-saving way to buy and use mosquito nets if other means of attaching it fits your needs better.

Place the mosquito net over the mattress

Adjust the length of the mosquito net so that it will reach about 1/4th of the width or length of the mattress. Unfold one side and bring it a few inches under and up, then unfold the other side in similar manner such that both sides are together, overlapping each other by an inch. Next place both hands to take hold at a point where one warp overhangs another on the edge of, say, 7″ while your hands are 3″ apart and start drawing them to meet

in a pinch which should be held tightly. Now hold this position while keep moving towards the mattresses edge at 3″. Repeat as necessary till you have folded out or stretched in all along your entire boundary.Peel off one side and pull it over mattress as far as possible without lifting up your fingers. One hand should now be vertical about half way beneath

while holding tightly on cloth with free hand use this hand to poke along surface towards vertical arm of net and it will now be possible to push cloth out of the way without disturbing mosquito net. Stretch the other side of mosquito net by using your free hand and push this side over mattress up to 9″ from end nearest you so that a straight line is formed where edge is nearest you and ends at either side of your head. Next use hand on edge nearest you to reach under mattress, just below surface, and give pull until it will not go further.

Tuck in the mosquito net

Mosquito nets are a kind of mosquito net a family can use to minimize pest intrusion. Ensuring that all windows and doors are shut therefore becomes more important than ever, while camping during the summer season. The failure to do so will give mosquitoes easy access into residences.

When carrying out the tucking in process, all that you need is place the bedding under your bed, place one end of the net around it on top and then tuck it in tightly back towards the lower side of our bed towards you. The other end should go back over and up higher for a good fit as well for optimal protection against mosquitoes.

Given below, is an illustrated diagram depicting how one should correctly tuck in their mosquito net from end to end in relation with their beds: Chin should be tucked in.Hands should reach for the bottom of the net, which will pull up over them.Bottom corners should reach just below waist level and end tucked under sleeping pad.After tucking ends in, final knot is tied at top as a reminder to always keep net tight.

Enjoy your mosquito-free sleep!

If a mosquito is attracted to you, its increased level of CO2 allows it to find you without seeing you. The news is surprising and deserved the attention of many people. Some scientists refuse this theory while others take it seriously and advocate that genetically modified mosquitoes could be a solution in order to avoid malaria or any other kind of dangerous illness transmitted by this insect. .The theory that mosquitoes are drawn to humans through the increased amount of CO2 in their exhaled breath is surprising and deserves attention.

Some scientists refuse to believe it while others take it seriously and advocate for release of genetically modified mosquitoes in order to avoid malaria or any other deadly illness transmitted by this insect. .”If a mosquito is attracted to you, its increased level of CO2 allows it to find you without seeing you.

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