Cloth Drying Hanger


Clothes can, obviously, get wet. And when they are wet, you need to do something with them. In the past, people just dried these clothes by shaking them off as best as they could and then hanging them outside to dry in the sun.

It’s true that this does work for some clothes. However, there are two problems – dirty water on the floor or ground and the clothes probably won’t be dry when it comes to evening. If not evening, it’ll be close to noon tomorrow morning if your clothes were really wet and had a long drying cycle because of living in a humid area like Florida or Lousiana or Pennsylvania in June or July (or if you live in Jacksonville Florida all year long)

In addition to that another major problem is that hygienic purposes are compromised because water will drip on things below (unless you’re doing this inside your home) and will leave stains not only at base level but on anything above too.

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