Window Mosquito Net


Window mosquito nets are more affordable and convenient than the traditional doors versions.

They say that there are three steps to sleeping easy – keep the bedroom window shut and intact, keep off the light bulb at night, and use a mosquito net over your mat as your blanket or pillow.

Window mosquito nets are also referred to as “bedroom protection” for regions in India, Myanmar with heavy malaria scales. With Window Mosquito net technology covering everything from your head to floor, it’s hard for any little creature to sneak their way in! Windowmosquetonet enables you to gather information about benefits, human safety and its manufacturing — We went for Window Mosquito Net technology because of their wide range:

Pros: Frame material is rust free . Mesh is corrosion free . Allows air flow – Ventilated window . Easy setup guide with installation poles and package of two-right-angle hooks

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